Daily Suicide Girl: Levee Suicide

Levee Suicide
Levee Suicide

Levee Suicide
Age 21
Location Tennessee, USA
into: animals, warm blankets, garage sales, music, road trips, picnics, movie nights, eyes, good food, tattoos, thunderstorms, bubble gum, sarcasm, nature, sushi, photography, boat rides, thrift stores, the beach, television, tea, laughing, coffee mugs, eating out, old houses, organic milk, antique shops, cooking, board games, pecan pie, sriracha, making collages, tennessee, hot showers, warm cookies with ice cold milk, pit bulls... pretty faces.
not into: peanut butter...
makes me happy: puppies!
makes me sad: animal cruelty.
5 things i can't live without: sweet tea, dogs, love, fruits & veggies, burt's bees lip balm.

  1. caribou
  2. broken social scene
  3. joy division
  4. radiohead
  5. junior boys
  6. milosh
  7. kraftwerk
  8. new musik
  9. animal collective

tv shows:

  1. true blood
  2. keeping up with the kardashians
  3. kourtney & khloe take miami
  4. hung


AbissWarior's picture

ah yeah...

oh yeah...this is the hottest one by now...very cute...

darwin7631's picture

Mmmm yeah!

I must admit, that is defintely one tasty lookin' lady!

smokin!   thought i was the

smokin!   thought i was the only one who dug old houses

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