Daily Suicide Girl: Nekrofelia Suicide

Nekrofelia Suicide
Nekrofelia Suicide

Nekrofelia Suicide
Age 22
Location Spain
into: ♥
makes me happy: animals,little girls,shoes,bubble gum, vinyl

  1. Nekromantix
  2. Misfits
  3. Mad sin
  4. The quakes
  5. Demented are go
  6. Destruction Unit
  7. Stray cats
  8. Turbonegro
  9. Stray cats
  10. Batmobile


  1. Rumble fish
  2. Cry baby
  3. Brain dead
  4. the outsides
  5. Uzumaki
  6. Oldboy
  7. Pulp fiction
  8. Arizona dream
  9. Grease
  10. Beetle juice


  1. Posesion
  2. Vive todavia
  3. El perfume
  4. Irvine Welsh

tv shows:

  1. Futurama
  2. Dexter
  3. six feet under
  4. True blood
  5. Bump in the night
  6. the simpsons
  7. Miami ink
  8. Malcom


  1. Sergio Mora
  2. Sunny Buick
  3. Dave Fox


The pictures for this girl

The pictures for this girl are so small :P

sean's picture

The images are sized to fit

The images are sized to fit in the window.  To see the image larger click on it, it will take you to the image page, then click on "original".

darwin7631's picture

By Jove, I say!

.... it looks like she's been sawed in two and then propped up on her elbow! :D

darwin7631's picture

... and ....

...and propped up on her elbow so she can stay in place. Poor thing!

sean's picture




Still doesn't enlarge for me, even when I click the additional options below the pic, etc. Maybe a mozilla issue?

Working fine for me with

Working fine for me with Mozilla Seamonkey but I assume you're using firefox ..

sean's picture

it is a user issue.  Only the

it is a user issue.  Only the admins are seeing it bigger!  Ok, working on sizing the images.

now I see them bigger too,

now I see them bigger too, but click to enlarge was working before :)

sean's picture

not sure what you mean

not sure what you mean groni.  I just went into roles and assigned all features to administrator, so something to do with the new imagemagick image handler must have changed whatever you are talking about.

sean's picture

ok, authenticated users can

ok, authenticated users can now see original images

It works!

It works now, thanks Sean :P

Nothing, everything is fine !

Nothing, everything is fine

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