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Eevie Suicide
Eevie Suicide

Eevie Suicide
Age 20
Location Michigan, USA

into: mary jane (and lots of it), blowhard political banter, Nintendo, tattoos, people who can keep my attention, Red Bull, thunderstorms, DUBSTEP

makes me happy: cute boys that make me feel giddy like I did in middle school, coral reefs

makes me sad: people with alterior motives; especially in politics, ignorance

5 things i can't live without: food, water, oxygen, controlled DNA replication, SCIENCE!


1. Coheed & Cambria
2. The Dear Hunter
3. Black Moth Super Rainbow
4. Muse
5. Bassnectar
6. The Sound of Animals Fighting
7. Rusko
8. Sufjan Stevens
9. The Mars Volta
10. The Snake the Cross the Crown


darwin7631's picture


If she was with me, my mouth would never leave her body. Yummy...


Yah , I would say her DNA replication turned out pretty damn nice ! Didn't know such girls existed in Michigan...

: O

Copious amounts of weed... thunderstorms... politics, nintendo...

Why did I stop looking for girls like her? o_0
Much <3 hon

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