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Daily Babe Suicidegirls.com: Bully Suicide

Bully Suicide

Bully Suicide
Age 26
Location USA

into: puppies.dinosaurs.roseanne.celeb-reality.candy.

makes me happy: thunderstorms. my music. styx manly and monroe pierce.

makes me sad: animal abuse.

vices: annnnnything that could potentially become an addiction. i can't friggen help it.

thoughts on sg: I love it

i spend most of my free time: kissing puppies.


2. patsy cline
3. skip james
4. johnny cash
5. msi
6. marilyn manson
7. billie holiday
8. chromeo
9. rob zombie


1. willow
2. drop dead fred

Daily Babe Suicidegirls.com: Corgan Suicide

Corgan Suicide

Corgan Suicide
Age 29
Location Tennessee, USA

into: animals music traveling ocean happy people dancing

not into: hunting ignorance egos

makes me happy: my doggie :) lazy days road trips

makes me sad: sad people

hobbies: promoting music, modeling, traveling

5 things i can't live without: my dog, my cat, lip gloss, my sanity, and pizza

thoughts on sg: I love it

i spend most of my free time: seeing live music and trying to find places with good music to dance to. i miss being a go go dancer!!


1. Panic! At The Disco
2. Smashing Pumpkins

Daily Babe SuicideGirls.com - Rainbow Suicide

Rainbow Suicide

Rainbow Suicide
Age 22
Location Indiana, USA

Daily Babe SuicideGirls.com - Kewpie Suicide

Kewpie Suicide

Kewpie Suicide
Age 21
Location Ohio, USA

into: Nerds, people who are pretty on the inside and texting

not into: Jocks, bros, meatheads, republicans, driving, the texture of chulupas and the bottom of pizza

makes me happy: My girlfriend, my bunny, buying new underwear, reading, learning, and spending time with my bff Dillan.

makes me sad: When people purposly make me jealous, when people are picked on, republicans, when people make jokes about eating my bunny, waking up early, following a routine and way they messed up the Eragon movie.

Daily Babe SuicideGirls.com - Casiopea Suicide

Casiopea Suicide

Casiopea Suicide
Location Argentina

into: tattoos...more and more tattoos, books, high heels, dance, great music, good friends, pets, fruits & chocolate, more chocolate, gym, outdoor sports, work, model, travels.

not into: violence of any tipe, abusive men, liers, very intense men...

makes me happy: tattoos, my friends, a good book, my kitties, great music, my family, movies, latex, chocolate & good sex, hot and sunny days, my home, travels!!!!!

makes me sad: Ex (creepy) husbands, animal abuse, rainy & cold days (i hate winter), lies, wait...i hate wait!!!!!!!!!!

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