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Daily Babe Suicide Girl - Xiu Suicide

Xiu Suicide

Xiu Suicide
Age 22
Location I'm lost

Daily Babe Suicide Girl - Pilot Suicide

Pilot Suicide

Pilot Suicide
Age 24
Location Indiana, USA

into: bicycling+++ ceramic animals+++ collecting old stuffs+++ records+++ vinyasa+++ a good rhyming thesaurus+++ word masters

not into: mosquitos

makes me happy: my dogs Igby & Fred

makes me sad: friends who live far away

5 things i can't live without: my dogs+++ coffee+++ iphone+++ bicycle+++ paint

vices: cigarettes+++ tattoos+++ olives

thoughts on sg: I love it

Daily Babe Suicide Girl - Ceres Suicide

Ceres Suicide

Ceres Suicide
Age 19
Location Canada

into: astrology, lust, Greek and Roman myth, learning, organics, body modification, adventures and photography.

not into: sci-fi, pop culture, blast beats, halo.

makes me happy: my boyfriend, cigarettes, sunshine, cuddling, the beach, heavy breakdowns, naked girls, tits, and van city street style.

makes me sad: abuse, anxiety, and indecisiveness.

hobbies: photography, painting, reading, drawing, and lovin'.

5 things i can't live without: camera, smokes, mum, pencil, paper.

vices: smoking!

thoughts on sg: I love it

Daily Babe: Suicegirls.com Chad Suicide

Chad Suicide

Chad Suicide
Age 22
Location United Kingdom

into: Making Art

makes me happy: Happy People

makes me sad: Upset people and people leaving

hobbies: Art

5 things i can't live without: My Family, My Friends, My Phone, My Laptop, FOOD

vices: Tequila, Pizza, buying new shoes!

thoughts on sg: I love it

i spend most of my free time: chilling out with some cool peoples


1. Motioncity Soundtrack
2. Blink 182
3. Less than Jake
4. Reel Big FIsh
5. Death Cab
6. Thrice ;)
7. The Clash


1. The Lion King
2. Lords of Dogtown

Daily Babe: Suicegirls.com Mnemozyne Suicide

Mnemozyne Suicide

Mnemozyne Suicide
Age 29
Location France

into: Painting, photography, tattoos, writing, sleeping, making some jewels, reading, comics, speaking (too much, haha!), laughing always...

not into: Fucking hollow people, politic, people who piss me off...

makes me happy: Eating ^^ Love... Laughing! To be with my friends but to be alone too... To know that I can be useful for something or someone...

makes me sad: Love... The capacity of people to live in lies... Politic, intolerance and free violence...

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