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Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Lith Suicide

Lith Suicide

Lith Suicide
Age 19
Location Chile

occupation: educational psychology student

gets me hot: this is a secret


MY DIET: Omnivore

makes me sad: Disappointment

5 things i can't live without: sex, chocolate, imagination, Internet, that special person

vices: oooh! junk food :D

thoughts on sg: I love it

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Elliott Suicide

Elliott Suicide

Elliott Suicide
Age 23
Location United Kingdom

into: my family, my friends, my doglet, love, life, videogames, home baked goods, hot showers, conor oberst, perfectly rolled spliffs, zombies, sunrises, gigs with jess, medium format film, art in every and any form, and dim sum!!!

not into: 'zombies' that run

makes me happy: the people in my life and of course Tiamat

makes me sad: vindictive people, xbox360 controllers, and when people ask me if I can speak Japanese when I tell them I'm from Hong Kong

hobbies: painting, drawing, gaming, smoking (unfortunately), photography,

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Machete Suicide

Machete Suicide

Machete Suicide
Age 23
Location New Jersey, USA

into: shows, music, dancing around in the car, drinking beer, cooking, elephants ( for their big trunks), art, sext messaging, carne asada tacos.

not into: SIDEKICKS!, kraft cheese singles, the Beatles, pork, bouncers that take away your fake ID, really expensive clothes, The Fully Down, getting peed on in the shower,

makes me happy: san fran.. i wanna move back soo bad.. the west coast is my true love..

makes me sad: when i run out of beer/cigs.

hobbies: masturbating, cooking, drawing, belly dancing, and sex.

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Sammi Suicide

Sammi Suicide

Sammi Suicide

location: United Kingdom

AIM: To be a suicide girl

occupation: Air hostess

CIGARETTES: "I'm giving up"

MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

MY DRUG USE: Drug Free

MY KINK FACTOR: Talk dirty to me...

POT: Nope

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: Bars, afterparties, home by dawn.

thoughts on sg: I love it

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Arquette Suicide

Arquette Suicide

Arquette Suicide
Age 26
Location Uruguay

hobbies: art, painting. dancing meditation

i spend most of my free time: dreaming


1. cinematic ochestra
2. the xx
3. hple
4. the dead weathers
5. the kills
6. win on rider


1. fantastic mr fox
2. hedwig
3. asesinos por naturalesa
4. telma y louise
5. entre tinieblas
6. el viaje de chijiro
7. delicatesen
8. atame!
9. satoshi
10. el lamento de la serpiente negra


1. fuerza bruta
2. colectivo mondongo
3. Baptiste Debomb0urge

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