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Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Rambo Suicide

Rambo Suicide

Rambo Suicide
Age 22
Location California, USA

occupation: Model Coordinator for SG

current crush: suicidegirls.com

stats: stackkeddd.

body mods: just a little ink & gold.

heroes: my mom, my big brother, my step-dad, Cloud Strife.

gets me hot: body talk.

fantasy: more will power.

sign: twins!

most humbling moment: probably driving 6 to hours to meet a myspace model who stood me up.

i lost my virginity: for bragging rights.


MY DIET: Omnivore

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

MY KINK FACTOR: I'm saving myself for Jesus!

POT: Occasionally

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Bow Suicide

Bow Suicide

Bow Suicide
Age 23
Location Australia

into: Anime/ Manga/ Hentai/ Music/ Traveling/ Films/ Laughing/ Pandas/ Jellyfish/ Thoughtfulness/ Parks/ Adventures/ Hotels/ Singing/ Theme parks/ Planes/ Being spontaneous/

not into: Normal porn, I don't know why just feels wrong/ Fake people/ Slimey food/ Liars/ Arrogant people/ War films/ Mummies boys/ Spiders/ Being cold/ Feet/

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Gallows Suicide

Gallows Suicide

Gallows Suicide
Age 20
Location Ohio, USA

into: Choonimals Clothing, Drop dead clothing, Victorias secret and VS PINK clothing, Animals and animal rights, Stars and galaxies, makeup, Music, tattoos and what not, candles, Pro-choice, and of course.. my amazing boyfriend.

not into: Any form of animal cruelty, BSL, sarah palin and all republicans.

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com Lumi Suicide

Lumi Suicide

Lumi Suicide
Age 29
Location California, USA

into: bizarre luxury. quality. snobby fops. juxtaposition. crystal laughter. the tinkling of beaded tulle. expensive (silver) tequila & intoxicants. the very best food and desserts. decadence / hedonism. versace bags. hugh laurie. tadpoles. linguistics. raw meat. roller coasters!, mindbending, psychedelics, speeeeeed, zen buddhism, mania, military uniforms

not into: hairy peaches. poor writing. noisy children. cheap motels. humidity. too much testosterone. not getting my coffee served in the morning :P

Daily Babe: Suicidegirls.com GoGo Suicide

GoGo Suicide

GoGo Suicide

Age 26
Location I'm Lost

current crush: quantum physics

stats: Pocket Sized. Outsider. Rain Dog.

heroes: Alejandro Jodorowsky

gets me hot: complicity.

CIGARETTES: I have black lungs

MY KINK FACTOR: I'm saving myself for Jesus!

MY STATUS: single

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: Stay in and watch old movies on tv.


into: time travel

not into: everything else

makes me happy: Jezzy Blackwater


1. Tom Waits
2. Black Heart Procession
3. Howlin' Wolf
4. Syd Barrett
5. Silversun Pickups

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